Relax your mind,body and soul…

Let all of your stresses, fears and anxiety go. Take the time to relax yourself, you are wound up tight and it shows. You are making yourself sick,LET IT GO!

You cannot change your past nor go back in time to stop yourself from making mistakes, But you have learned from those mistakes so stop beating yourself up about it. Life goes on and you got a lot more living to do, so move on and leave all your stresses behind you.

If you are now experiencing a stressful situation and you see no end in sight, seek counseling. Therapy helps a lot. Talking about all that you are going through( or went through in your past)  with a professional caring person helps a lot. Talk your anger, tension and frustrations away with someone you trust. Don’t take matters into your own hands and do or say anything that you will regret.

You will get through this, believe it. Take the time to Meditate, breathe in and out slowly and relax as much as possible, when possible. Your mind, body and soul will thank you… 🙂

*Relax and let your anxieties go, you owe it to yourself to let the peace within you grow. 😀

                                                       By Y. Williams


Say goodbye to all negativity!

Negativity can zap your energy and make you sad. Don’t allow that to happen. Surround yourself with positivity. Surround yourselves with positive happy people.

You are in control of how you want to live your life so let others know that you are negativity free by walking away from all nonsense that makes no sense.

If people have only mean things to say to or about you, kindly excuse yourself and say you have something better to do or that you are going for a walk to get fresh air or quietly hang up on anyone who is being negative and don’t accept any more of their calls.

You do not have to be treated badly by anyone. Let people know that you treat people good and you want the same treatment in return. If they don’t get it and continue to mistreat you in any way, then they have to get out of your life for good. Life is too short and time is too precious. You value yourself too much to settle for less than the best! 😀

It is time to say goodbye to all negativity and watch yourself grow and now your face wears a positive glow. You are ready, so move forward and enjoy your life to the fullest leaving all negativity behind! 😉

*Say goodbye to all negativity and enjoy your life! You are able to share your positive way of thinking with pride and a joyful smile! 🙂

                                                        By Y. Williams

Don’t lose Hope!

Issues in your life can get really rough sometimes. It can seem as though you won’t be able to get through it. But you will. Have faith and don’t ever lose hope.

Life can really give you some harsh lessons, and the harshness of the lessons learned can cause extreme pain that don’t ever seem to want to go away. You will survive. You are a survivor.

Meditate that pain away. Breathe in and breathe out slowly. Relax your body and mind. You are going to get through this, it just takes time. Don’t give up or stop believing in the good things in life. Believe you can do better and you will do better.

Keep hoping for the best. Be optimistic and keep all negative thoughts at bay. Don’t let your fears and anxiety take control and destroy you. You will succeed. Believe in yourself and your abilities. You are going to make it. Don’t give up, stay positive, stay hopeful.

*Life is full of endless possibilities… Hope for the best always!

                                              By Y. Williams

Forgiving is part of healing…

When people do you wrong or say mean and really bad things to you or about you or the people that you love, it’s really hard to let go of the anger and resentment that you feel inside.

The anger and resentment you feel toward that person tends to linger and fester like a sore that just won’t heal. It hurts and can make you lash out in anger. :-/

Heal yourself by letting go of all your anger and resentment. Know if that type of negative feeling is bottled up within you, it can make you feel sick mentally and physically. Let it go and find that inner peace within yourself.

When ever you feel yourself starting to feel rage at the unjust way you were treated or being treated now, breathe in and out slowly and relax your mind body and spirit, find a quiet place that comforts you.

Don’t allow those negative feelings to overcome you and take you to a place where there is no coming back from. Once you go there and retaliate in anger verbally or physically, you cannot take back the words or actions that you were provoked to display.

You are better than that. You are stronger than any negativity that may come your way. Fight all negativity with prayer, meditation and the peace that comes from the joy inside of you that no one can take away from you unless you let them, don’t let them. Heal yourself by forgiving them, letting go and moving on.

*You are stronger than any negative words or actions, Stay calm and move on! 🙂

                                                           By Youshell Williams

Don’t be discouraged!

When things aren’t going the way they should and you are feeling really sad and depressed, go to your favorite place and meditate, breathe in and out slowly, count to 20 and relax.

Know that things will get better. You will not stay in that state of mind, you will come out of the sad and gloomy way you are feeling now and realize that life is a beautiful thing and worth living.

Don’t give up on yourself. You are a great person who deserves the best in life. Always believe in yourself and don’t accept less than what you deserve. Don’t settle, you can do better.

Treat yourself good and make sure others treat you the same way. The way you feel about yourself shows and others will act accordingly.

You are a special person with high expectations, you are going to the top, so don’t stop climbing even if the road ahead seems steeper and more daunting than what you have envisioned.

You have come a long way, and though it doesn’t seem as though you’ve made it far enough at this time, you have indeed made a lot of progress. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are amazing! Show yourself some self love and appreciation.

Don’t give up on your dreams or be discouraged, even though it has taken longer than you thought it would to be successful. It’s never too late to achieve greatness! 😉

Look at how far you have come and don’t think of the bad times or the trial and errors that prepared you for your future. Hold your head up and be proud of yourself! You are still here to  tell the tale of greatness! 😀

*Show others the way to success with a smile… 🙂

                                                                By Youshell Williams