imgres     You can acheive anything if you believe in yourself, set a plan and work hard at it daily until it becomes your reality.


Rise above your mistakes…

Rise above your mistakes and the bad choices you may have made in your life. Do not allow regrets to take over your life, leave the “what ifs,” and “if only’s” alone and move on. Don’t allow your past to determine your future.

Believe in yourself! You have to keep on going even when you feel as though you can’t go on. You can do it! You are strong and you have come too far too give up now. Shake off that depression and start over. You have a right to live! Keep on going till you get it right, do not limit yourself!

Life does not come with a road map or a GPS that tells you exactly where you should go. There is nothing that can tell you how your future will be. Life can be a lot of trials and errors but you learn from your mistakes.

Sometimes the best thought out plans do not work out. Stop beating yourself up about bad choices or bad decisions you made in your life that may have slowed you down…

It is time to get yourself together and move forward with alacrity and positivity. Don’t let anyone’s negativity hold you back or stop you from achieving greatness. You have now made a map for yourself to follow, you know exactly what to stay away from now and where you are heading.

You have been through so much but don’t cry about it, Rise above it! You’ve made it! You are a survivor! You have been through the fire and lived through the pain, so keep it moving and share with others so they can learn from your knowledge. 😉

*You have risen above all the bad choices and mistakes you made in your life. Now celebrate your success! Move forward and live your life to the fullest and don’t look back!!! 😀

                                              By Youshell Williams

Keep your head up!

When things are at there worse and you see no relief in sight…

When you are given bad news and you want to give up the fight…

When you feel as though everything is going bad and nothing seems to go right…

Keep your head up! Don’t give up!

You were put on this earth for a reason, do not hesitate to realize your full potential. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone in order to achieve greatness.

Take charge of your life! Take the good times with the bad and learn from the bad. We all make mistakes, it’s what you do afterwards that count. Turn over a new leaf and move forward with a new insight and a new frame of mind.

Make some changes in your life. Change can be good. Get rid of things in your life that serve no purpose. Once you clean up and throw out all negativity, be consistent. Don’t start back bad habits or allow negative people or things to come back into your life again. Enjoy your clean air and stress free environment, you deserve it!

Believe in yourself! Believe that you can overcome anything once you set your mind to do so. You can make your own dreams come true, wait for no one. You can do it! Don’t stop and don’t give up!

You are glowing with a new purpose and determination! Make sure all the negativity that may come your way doesn’t stop your shine. You are doing great things so some people can be mean spirited and envious… Ignore them! Hold your head up with a smile and keep it moving! 🙂

*No one can stop your stride, so take giant steps forward into success and happiness! Keep your head up! You got this! 😀

                                         By Youshell Williams